Do you have an essay that needs a second glance before a deadline? Maybe you have a resume that could use a thorough edit to bring you closer to landing that dream job.

At EZ Editing, all your editing needs are met with a fully-customized, one-on-one experience. I’m only one editor with a short list of clients that I serve at any given point in time, meaning that I’m flexible to last-minute changes, available for face-to-face meetings in the Iowa City area, and eager to help in any way possible.

You’ll leave with a document that’s ready for whatever is next!

Types of documents accepted:

Academic Writing

Essays, Prospectuses, Explications, Abstracts, Dissertations, Theses, etc.

Creative Writing

Fiction, Poetry, Creative non-fiction, Plays/Screenplays, Artist statements, Blogs, Bios, etc.

Business/Technical Writing

Letters, Resumes, Reports, etc.

…Don’t see your document on this list? Just ask!

All my services have a 48-hour guarantee, which means that within two days of sending your document, you can expect a full read and response, as well as a FREE 1-3 page sample edit, depending on the length of the manuscript.

If you don’t like my edits, you can refuse services at no cost to you.

-Ethan Zierke, EZ Editor

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