I want us to work well together. In order for this to happen, I want to be sure my edits will meet your expectations.

Send me your document along with any questions you have and I’ll perform a full read and sample edit (1-3 pages depending on the length of the document) FREE OF CHARGE, so you’ll know what to expect as a potential client.

When editing a document, I work best with some context. Please include in your email:

  1. what the project/assignment is
  2. what kind of editing service you require
  3. when you need it completed

Anticipate a response within 48 hours of your inquiry.

Please email your document to ethan.zierke@gmail.com after submitting this form.

**Students: In order to avoid plagiarism in the form of unauthorized collaboration, students seeking writing consultation are encouraged to first review their institution’s code of academic conduct to ensure that consultation is not prohibited by the instructor.